Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Video: Botanical Love with a lot of shadow-coloring

Hi everybody,

its wednesday again, and time for a new video.

I made a card with my really alltime-favorite-flower-stamp :-)

I've seen a looots of cards on instagram, with a very very soft coloring. So, this is what I tried. But the result is very different to what I wanted to be, but I'm happy how my coloring went out....

Here you can watch my video in english.. as every time: yes, its kind of adventuring hear me speaking english... but give it a try ;-)

And here is my video in german....ähm, ja, hier ist mein Video auf deutsch.... sehr viel mehr Worte als im englishen Video, aber genauso lang. Ha!

Sometimes you just need to let it flow. At the beginning of my Video I planned only soft colors. But after the first layers I needed more contrast and so I came into creating shadows.... so the result was surprising me, even although I had the copics in my hand ;-) So, free your mind and look where the colors will lead you ;-) hihi

There is a new Kit coming. In only one and a half week is the release!!! And on all channels (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook-Family&Friends-Group, this Blog) you can see first sneaks and the release-count-down... You really will not miss it :-)


  1. Das ist wirklich eine super hübsche Karte, Birka! Vielen Dank für das Video!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS Birka, this is positively STUNNING!!! This is beyond beautiful!
    (BTW, your English is just fine! You're doing great!)

  3. This looks very soft and pretty. I really like it!

  4. Gorgeous card! Love the soft colors!!!

  5. YourEnlish is fine and the card is just beautiful. TFS