Sunday, December 7, 2014

Belated: Video by Yana Smakula

Hello crafty friends,

sorry this post is late - I've been working on a market all day long yesterday and fell asleep I soon as I came back home - oops ;)
Well, I took some time off today and I am finally BACK to share a wonderful video by Yana Smakula with you. Yana is such a sweet, talented Lady - unfortunately she's VERY busy also, so this will be her last Create A Smile video for now. Boooo!

I'd like to say a bug thank you to Yana for supporting us with her videos.

You're simply amazing and I adore your art!

Yana used Monster Party for her card I I loooove the colors that she picked for her card. 

Have you seen how she altered one of the sentiments to make it work for her card? So so smart. Check out the video to see more:

I hope you enjoyed the video just as much as I did. If you're not a subscriber to Yana's channel already you definitely should subscribe to see more of her awesome designs!

One short "FYI":
If you're waiting for the giveaway winner to be announced: We created the rafflecopter to work until tonight, so I thought I'd give everyone a chance to enter all day long before I draw a winner - I'll make the announcement tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you all had (or have) a wonderful week-end!


  1. beautiful!!! thanks for sharing how do you do!

  2. Awesome and thank you Yana we were very excited to have you here with your great work and amazing video's.

  3. thank you, ladies! And thank so much, Christine for this wonderful opportunity! I had a blast working with you stamps!