Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2015 Video Team announcement Part 2

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Did you celebrate Christmas eve already? We had a wonderful celeration over here and it seems we were on Santa's nice list ;)

As we old you on monday one of our presents for you is the Video team that will start in January to share ideas, tips, tricks and techniques with you every week.
We have 4 girls and introduced Francine Vuillème on monday.

Soooo, who's the next amazing video girl?

Give a warm welcome to: Michele Short from The Card Grotto!!!

Michelle has lots of experience in making great video tutorials, she's a super sweet and kind person aaaand she had the most amazing British accents that I just love love love love. You eed to check out her Youtube Channel and hit the subscribe button.

Here's an interview to get to know Michelle a bit:

Name, Age, Location: Michelle Short, 30, London

Hi Michelle,
nice to meet you! Take a seat, get comfy. May I offer you something? Coffee or cookies?

Cookies please! ;)

Okay, you know why youre here: People want to know everything about you. Lets start with something simple:
Youre a paper crafter. When did you start and how did it happen? 

I first started paper crafting about nine years ago after reciving a handmade card form my cousin. I thought to myself that it was something that I could do. I went out and bought a few supplies and it kind of escalted from there really.

What kind of projects are your favorite? And why?

I primarily make cards but I do like to make the odd box, bag and tag. I like making projects that will be sent to someone to brighten their day!

Is there one technique that you use more often than others?

It is very rare that I made a card that does not having stamping on it. I love die cutting too but there is usually always stamping involved somewhere.

If you look at other peoples projects: What amazes you and what makes you frown?

I am constantly amazed by other paper crafters talent. Some people can look at things in such a different way than others do, for example using a stamp set in a different way than maybe it was intended to be used. Nothing makes me frown, even if someone makes a card in a completely different style than my own, I can still admire the craftsmanship, the colours, the design elements – everything.

Youve been paper crafting for quite a while. Is there a lesson you learned that youd like to share with our readers?

Yes, focus on what you like. It is easy to get bogged down in thinking you must try something different or you must follow the latest trend. Do what makes you happy and it will show in your projects.

Lets get to something personal. You live in London - whats your favorite spot there and why do you think people should visit this place?

I live just on the outskirts of London. London is an amazing city, it is big and diverse. You can go shopping in the hussle and bussle of Oxford Street or you can visit the beautiful nature and wildlife in Richmond Park.

What is a characteristic that describes you the best?

Organised. I try as best as possible to be organised in my life. I find that being organised means less stress. I follow this in my private life (I love my Filofax!) and also in crafting. I organise my products to make crafting quicker, easier and more enjoyable. 

What else should people know about you? Any secret addictions? Obsessions? Fun stuff?

As well as papercrafting, I work as a nurse and I am also studing for my Masters Degree. I am a person who gets bored easily and loves to know as much as I can about everything! I adore chocolate (in all it‘s forms) and I am also a bit of a techy person; I love my gadgets!

Thanks for the interview Michelle, Im so glad and honored you joined our video-little team!

I am so happy Michelle agreed to join, because I love her creations - and I know you will totally be inspired by her. By the way: She shared a super cool card oner her blog using Cool Buddies - hop ver and take a look!

See you later (we also have a guest designer post to share today!) 
Enjoy your Christmas Eve!