Sunday, December 21, 2014

Adding twine to a focal point (window)

Hello and happy sunday!

Christine here! :) It's been a long time since I've been posting a card over here - there are so many awesome things going on "backstage". 2015 will be fun. For us, for you - for people who love to Create A Smile :)

No video today (boo, I know, right?), but at least a photo-step-by-step tutorial an how to add some interest to a window or negative die-cut with twine. This is not a new technique, but I always seem to forget to use some of the most wonderful technique, so this is kind of a reminder :)

I love twine A LOT (if you ever placed an order in our store you know that I always add a little something to every order and attach it with the most beautiful twine by Trendy Twine). Although I love it that much I sometimes have a hard time using it. That's why I love addingtwine to a negative die cut as a beautiful backgdrop.

Is there any embellishment that you LOVE but don't use a lot? (I also have a washi-problem, says my drawer, LOL! ) What is you secret, hardly used addiction?

  • Cut a strip/Panel from cardstock and another one that is less wide thet the first one.
  • Die Cut a window into the larger panel.
  • Layer both panels and trace a pencilline through the wondow to see where you need yout twine to be.
  • Add adhesive (tape runner) to the sides of your pencil-line. (This way to don't waste adhesive or twine. That's all you need!)

  • Pick a twine that matches your images (I colored and pre-cut this before)
  • add twine to your adhesive.
  • Just cover the areas that will be seen later.
  • Place your panels on your card and start assembling and decorating.
For my card I also added some washi in a neutral color to make the panel stand out without distracting. and decorated with some enamel dots. This is a coffee-themed card so I used one of our new Chipboards to the speech bubble. This card does not need any word - what do you think?

  • Add a piece of cardstock or vellum to "ground" your creature. This pulls the card together
  • Add embellishments that match the card's theme
  • You waste a lot of twine by pulling it around a panel or adding it to the entire width of the panel. Make sure to just add is where you need it. This way you save a lot of twine for more projects :)


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  1. Oh so cute!
    That's what I look like before I have my cup of coffee!!!

  2. wunder wunder schön!!! Das Monster ist toll coloriert und das Bakerstwine ist ne superidee :-)