Monday, November 7, 2016

Mandala fun with Terhi Koskinen

Happy Monday all!

Terhi here sharing some really serious Mandala love. I never thought any stamp would make me so inspired and so excited, but this did. The perfect size (about 6"x6"), the perfect rubber material and mostly the perfect design makes me goose bumps.

Not much to say about the idea, I think it's really obvious. I just wanted to some stamping and then try out coloring with watercolors. If take a close look, you can see there is nothing to protect the white cardstock on the background. No gesso, nothing, but still the colors are just about in the right area.

If you want to have free and arty look to your stamping work, forget the rulers and measures. Just let it go and try. You can see my Mandala edges is not straight and even, but the outcome of the layout still works perfectly. Don't be shy, just find your inner artists.

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Thank you for coming here today!

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