Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pirate Tag


So today I have a new card and tutorial for you, again I work with ink smootching, which is the most fun technique ever, if you haven't tried it yet you really should. I also work with die cutting, and that is die cutting after you smootched, you can die cut before, you do get a little bit more control over it, but I really love letting go and letting the smootching do all the job for me.

Todays card came out of the want of using all the new stamps and dies I just got on one card, I didn't but I did use a whole bunch. I really wanted to use the pirate stamps but still wanted the card to be soft and neutral, working for anyone.

The techniques behind getting this result is quite easy and here is a video on how I did step by step.

My tip today is if things don't work out the way you imagined it, don't throw it away, try figuring out how you can solve it, and maybe the card will come out better than you thought it would.

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