Friday, January 16, 2015

Wishing You Sunshine - Stamping in Embossing Paste

Hi there! It's Samantha! and guess what?
It's Friday - we made it through another week, all! Yay!
And with that, I am here to continue the fun and cheering with a super FUN and cheerful card! :)

So, let's dive in! :)

The title of this blog spot was going to be: "Touch It!" Ha! Because I do have a lot of different textures here that make this card a fun one to touch all over! I wanted to make an encouragement card, and I thought that the scales from Balance weighing the clouds from the Bad Day and the sun from Your View would be too cute! I really  LOVE that scale, it's SO versatile!

Ok, did you notice the background of the card? First I took my card base, and using my palette knife, i smeared on a bunch of white embossing paste. No, you didn't read wrong - that's embossing paste and NO stencil! Lol! :)
Before the embossing paste dried, I used the new Arrows background stamp and smooshed it into the paste!! THAT WAS FUN! ha! I Very carefully lifted the stamp up, and I really love the interest it adds to the card!

I used copics to color in the images, and then combined Bad Day and Balance to make the custom sentiment, thanks to the lovely masking technique!

I used 4 stamp sets for this card!
I used a few sentiments and images from Bad Day, Your View and Balance. And of course, the Arrows stamp for the background texture! :D

I really LOVE the idea of pressing background stamps into embossing paste on projects. And the great part is, if you mess up the paste when lifting up the stamp, you can use your palette knife to smooth out the paste and try again!! (Ask me how I know! Ha!)
This is just such a FUN way to stretch your stamps! 

Create A Smile is selling PAPER now! and FLAIR!!! and WASHI!! Did you know? I just can't wait to get my treats and start playing! I have SOOO many ideas, and I really LOVE the bright and happy colors!! Just a PERFECT color combination! 

What is your favorite new product? I would LOVE to know!
Thanks again!


  1. What a cool idea! Okay, let's get messy and try this...

  2. Absolutely love this card! Will have to give this technique a try! TFS :)