Sunday, January 18, 2015

2 Stamps, 2 Papers, 2 Ways

Hi everyone! How are you? Things pretty exciting over here at Create A Smile. In case you didn't hear, Create A Smile now has more fun goodies like papers, flair and washi tape. After you read my post, hehe, head over to the store, okay? :D

For today, I will share the card in the instructions section so that I won't confuse you ;)

I'm sharing with you 2 cards using the same 2 pieces of papers and same stamp. This is just one (or two) of the many ways you can stretch the products you have bought from Create A Smile.

First card :

This is how I've layered the first card. As you can see, I did not cover the base entirely with the polka dot paper. I don't really like to waste beautiful picture if I don't need to. So, since I only needed a portion of it to show, I've cut to pieces and pasted it on each sides of the card. I took this yellow piece and place it the centre. 

When you cut your papers, most of the time you're bound to have small pieces of leftovers. I had these two (shown below). I could keep them and use them another day but I'm guilty of eventually tosing it away during clean up so I've decided to make another card out of it, right away. 

Second card : 

This was what I did with the left overs. Tiny banners are awesome to use as an "embellishments". I've using the same "Hurra!" stamp but in a different way. I've heat embossing it right in the middle of the card. I, then, using my Versamark to make a tone-on-tone background using the same stamp to complete my card. 

When you using a strong patterned paper on your card, choose a more solid paper for your 2nd piece. This way, you can have a stamped image or sentiment that would still stand out.

Tone-on-tone is a great technique to use when you need to create a subtle background to match your stamps. You can use it for any stamps (sentiments, images, etc). Don't be afraid to try out.

And lastly, if you have problems sticking down large pieces of paper on your card base (like I do), using liquid adhesive. You don't need much because once you pressed it down, it spreads and you have time to wriggle the paper into place :)



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