Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Release - Stencils Part 3

Hiiii!!! Last week, I've used the same stencil with a white background with the stencil coloured in black. So, I thought this week, I'd switch it around.

 Today, I'm using the Blossom Stencil! Here over to the store if you want to get it!

Firstly, make sure you swipe the card base with anti-static powder before doing a whole card base of embossing. Especially with black cardstock, it's really important to do it so that you can get a crisp outcome.

I've also used washi tape to hold down the stencil. This really prevents it from moving around while you smoosh down the versa mark ink! :) 

Last week, I've used pink as the pop of colour so I thought that yellow would go very well with the black and that Create A Smile has the perfect alphabet stick colour to match the sequins I have. 

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