Sunday, April 15, 2018

April Release - Stencils Part 1

Hiiii!!! How many of you like using stencils? I do! But I don't experiment with it enough. I'm taking this opportunity try out stuff I've never done with stencils for today and next week's card. 

I'm starting with this new Petals stencil

Now, I have done the sponging-distress ink-to-stencil stuff, but this time I wanted to give the overlapping thing a try. So I've carefully moved the stencils everytime I'm done with a colour and purposely overlapped the colours. For someone doing this the first time, it didn't always go so smooth.

If you want to try this, I will recommend it to prepare clean dry towel to wipe your stencil for every colour because the colour might stain the paper or different parts where you don't want that colour to be.

I thought the gold piece of line will help to divide the page and give the sentiment to sit on. Also, it's a good way to colour any first stencil mistake! lol. Of course, I had to make the gold paper to some gold sequin. What kind of crafter would I be without my sequins right? lol. 

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  1. I see beauty! Love the colors.

  2. What a great idea with the stencil, iit looks beautiful!

  3. Loved this card. Where can I purchase stencil? Thanks for sharing.