Sunday, April 22, 2018

April Release - Stencils Part 2

Hiiii!!! How many of you like using stencils? I do! But I don't experiment with it enough. Last week, I've attempted using Distress Inks but today, I will put them to rest and go for something, everyone will have, for sure!  

 Today, I'm using the Blossom Stencil! Here over to the store if you want to get it! 

If you guessed that I've used a black pen/marker for this, you're right! I've used my black Faber Castell marker pen to trace the stencil. Why did I choose to use this instead of say, black distress ink or anything similar? It's true that it would have been faster and even easier but I find that using a black pen or a marker with fine nib, gives you a starker black. And also,  I just wanted to give it a try :) So why not? 

Taking advantage of the stark black stencil, I choose to add bright pinks and purple to the card with sequins and die-cut. I really like this colour combination and it's one I have not done before. I'm looking forward to try more colour combinations that I have not used.

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  1. Beautiful and a great technique. Will be trying that out for sure.đź’ś