Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Scrap Scenes with Terhi - The Box

Hello everyone, it's Terhi here with another Create A Smile scrapbook layout. While I was waiting some new products - especially the Snow Dance Kit - to arrive, I played with my favorite stencil and it lead me to do this cool layout.

As said, the Boxes Stencil gave me a huge inspiration, but so gave this funny photo as well. My husband was playing with our daughters and the moment was just hilarious.

Being creative doesn't have to be difficult or tricky. Just take your favorite tool, favorite stamp, favorite paper or something what you really love and play with it. See where it takes you, it might be the best project you've ever done.

Please find the video below or watch it here.

Stamps: Make A Wish
Stencil: Boxes StencilLots of Stars Stencil
Other: Sending Sunshine Enamel Stickers


Have a great day!

Terhi xx

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