Monday, July 14, 2014

Make it soft + Happy Birthday Sam!

Happy Monday everyone!

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First of all I'd like to give a big Shout out to Samantha - it's her birthday!

Samantha Mann

Happy birthday Sam, we hope your day is awesome and all of your wishes come true!

I planned to make a birthday card - but I didn't - LOL.

Let's talk about colours today. There are colours that we tend to use and combine, right? (Turquoise works with EVERY combo if you ask me!) Light blue and red are my fav christmas color combo, white and kraft are good for classy cards... and so on. There are soft colors, bold combos,...
But something we all want to achieve is to create well balanced cards.

I learned a lot about colours and their use by watching my favorite cardmakers create. Today I'd like to share a lesson that I learned from Debby Hughes. She's one of my favorite artists ever and she's the queen of soft. All of her cards are inspiring and make my jaw drop.

Today I created a card with a SOFT background - because that makes your main images pop. 
  • pick 1-2 very soft colours to create your background (stamping, Paper-layers, coloring,...)
  • add some texture for interest
  • white on white adds interest without distracting
  • make your main image POP!
For my card I used Simon Says Stamp "Sea Glass" cardstock and ink. I stamped the swim-ring to crate a soft background pattern. Bazzill Vellum and Ranger Enamel Accents added some white on white texture. I picked shapes that make sense on that bach-scene - I tore the vellum to waves to give them the shape of a sandy beach and thought of little cobblestones in the sand when I added The enamel accents. I stamped the image in black (black lines make it pop) and colored with Copics with colours that are less soft, but not bold at all.

What's your favorite colour combo? Do you prefer soft or bold colours (or does that depend on the occasion you need the card for?) Do you use pinterest for color-inspiration?

Well, that's it for today.
Hope you got inspired to create your soft background!

Have a crafty good time!


  1. love love love love love love love love love this card!! the ripped vellum...beautiful! and i LOVE the soft and bold colors together! :) i love all color combinations, especially anything with grey and yellow! i also am LOVING teal/aqua, orange and yellow! thanks SO much for the birthday shout out!! you're SO sweet!!! love this post! best ever!!

  2. Happy birthday to Samantha! I love your card and thanks for the tips. I like using both soft and bold it all depends on the situation.

  3. Happy Birthday to Samantha!!!!
    What a darling card Christine!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Also ich mag diesen Stil sehr gerne! Sieht wirklich toll aus diese Kombi...
    Ich weiß für mich noch nicht ganz genau, was ich am liebsten mache, da ich noch nicht so lange stemple, aber seitdem bin ich über versch. Stile gestolpert. Als letztes blieb ich beim CAS und das gefällt mir richtig gut <3
    Mir fehlt aber auch noch ein wenig Übung =)

    1. Selene, Übung ist alles! Wenn ich mir meine alten Karten angucke, dann schüttelt es mich. Ich hab durch das bestaunen der anderen so viel gelernt :)

  5. Belated birthday wishes to Samanthat! This is a fun card and I think the question about color combos is such an interesting one. I find myself using the same combos over and over, because I like them or they feel "safe", and I am glad to have someone make me think about that and maybe shake things up a little bit, I tend to like soft colors, because they are more my style, but it does depend on the occasion and recipient of the card. Thanks for a beautiful post that really got me thinking!

    1. Thanks for your nice comments Maureen! We're so happy you like our posts and think they're helpful - this is exactly what we'd like to be :)