Thursday, July 17, 2014

A story and a card.

Hello friends,

I'm here today with a bit of a story for you. It's a sad story, full of adventure and elves--and lost stamps. So settle in, and get some tissues ready.

Once upon a time, there was a talented, lovely (very pretty, if I might say so) woman who lived in Germany.  Her name was Christine. She started a stamp company named Create a Smile, and asked another lady (who resides in Western Australia), to join her team--we'll call this woman, Linda.

The Australian girl (Linda) was SO happy. Excited and surprised, and more than a little flattered that she'd been asked to join the team!  'What an honour!' she thought. And she began to prepare herself for her important task as Design Team member.

Christine drew the most wonderful, sweet and fun images, that were then taken into the forest by elves, and turned into stamps. The elves wouldn't reveal the age-old magic they used to create these stamps, but it was magic for certain.

After some time, the stamps were returned by the head-elf, to the German artist.  She then attached her stamps (using grosgrain ribbon and twine, of course) to long-distance-flying-geese, to be transported to her Design Team all over the world.

The geese, well-accustomed to such distances, flew swift and strong across oceans, over mountains and through cities.

They delicately dropped their important parcels into the mail-boxes of their intended recipients.  All across Germany and America, the design team received their magic German-drawn, elf-made stamps.

But the goose headed to Australia got confused. Flying upside down (because we all know that Australia is upside down to the rest of the world), can be confusing for a goose.  The winter winds combined with the upside-down country proved too much for the poor bird (he was also a trainee long-distance-flying-goose), and the stamps took much much longer to reach Linda than originally expected.

One week passed, another, and another! All feared for the goose and his precious parcel.

The goose was found wandering in circles, honking and schnattering to himself, high up, in the northern desert of Australia. Frightened and in need of a drink, he was terribly lost and unsure of how to make the rest of his journey. A koala laughing meanly, from a gumtree nearby, suggested he try the Ghan (a large train that travels from the North of Australia, down to the southern city of Adelaide).

And so it stands now, that the goose is walking the streets of Darwin, trying to earn enough money for the train ticket.

And Linda has no stamps.  

I told you it was a sad story.

Sad, Sad, Sad.


So the card I made to share with you today, is just what you'll need after that story, I think.

I used the digital version that we've been working with while we wait for the stamps (*sob*)

Ok here it is:

I could use a bath and a break.

I'll bet the goose could too.

See you again soon lovelies--I'll keep you updated about the stamps :)


  1. This is a really sad story, but I'm sure the stamps soon will be there. Maybe there is a very creative stamping goose out there :)
    Hugs, Jessa

  2. Great card and a fabulous post! Hope it all works out for the goose and the stamps reach you very soon, Jo x

  3. Super cuteness and you will get your stamps soon, Miss Lady!! :)

  4. I'm still hoping for a Happy End...
    Adorable card, Linda!

  5. Love the card. And what a sad story. I hope the goose and his parcel arrive soon.

  6. Great card to go with your story...hope they arrive soon.

  7. oh my goodness!! what a wonderful story!!!!!!!!!!!! the elves, the 'linda' and 'christine' characters...i love it all!!!! except for the ending...poor little goose. and poor little elf made stamps...and most of all, poor little linda! :( LOVE your card with the digital images though!!! striking colors!! sending goose money in my mind for train travles!! hopefully it helps! ;D