Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lemonade-Card with real Water

Hi everybody,

yes, you have read right: I made a Lemonade-Card with real Water. I had this idea, and startet to find out, how this could work.

First I tried to close my water-bag with normal tape. But in this second, the water touches the tape, it looses. So I tried with 3 different glues, but it also failed. Than I thought, the fuse-tool should be a great possibility. So I ask the insta-girls in our group, if one of them has the fuse-tool and would be so kind to try this for me. One of them said "yes it works", another said "ähm.. no"....
But meanwhile I was so desperately, that I ordered the tool. BUT than Christine found a Video-Tutorial with the desivise hint: The Iron :-)

Here is my video in english

Hier könnt Ihr das Video in Deutsch gucken
(the shop has a short break till the 24th April..)

The most of my tricks I've already told you in my video. But what I find very important is, that you're telling a good story with your Watercard. Maybe an aquarium, or a vase with flowers, or sea with an ice floe? 
And one more Tip: Maybe you should'd not send this card with mail ;-) You don't know who will sit on it ;-) hihi

Did you've seen? There is a new Facebook-Group for sharing Ideas, get to know each other, finding inspirations and just being in a very creative, crafty community. Its "Create  a smile friends and Family"... hope you will join us there 


  1. Very intriguing ideas. Not sure about mailing the card in the USA, but would recommend hand stamping by the post office. Plastic envelope or lining as leakage would be troublesome.

  2. Very cool idea! I would want to hand deliver this, but it's worth the extra effort to give it in person because it's so fun! Seeing the liquid actually move is awesome!

  3. LOVE your card.....just so creative.

  4. Other people mentioned what I was thinking, mailing the card. It sure looks like a fun card though.

  5. Super klasse! Und prima Tip das mit dem Bügeleisen! =D
    Gruß scrapkat

  6. Super geniale Idee und dein Video war sehr unterhaltsam. Wirklich traurig mit der zweiten Karte um so mehr ein Dankeschön fürs Zeigen. Hätte mich nie ans bügeln gewagt!