Saturday, August 4, 2018

[VIDEO] Happy First Day At School with Color-Pencils

Hi everybody :-)

The end of summer is on the way, that means, a lot of kids are going back to school or will have their first day at school.
For that day I made this card.. and a video ;-)

Since several years I'm totally in color-pencils. They where lain in the drawer for such a long time, but now I found out (ok, Anni told me..) the right paper and suddenly I'm in love! I can not stop coloring with colorpencils! So I hope this is a goog idea for my newest video... and i hope you'll like it ;-)

Here you can watch my Video in english

Und hier in Deutsch ;-)

That little sugar-cone you can decorate additional. With stars (like I did), or dots, hearts, letters.. what you want!

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