Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cactus Sunday

Hi Everyone! Sorry for posting this a little late. This is just what happens when I forgot to charge my camera battery. Anyhoo, I felt like doing a little relaxing and watercolouring. So, I brought out the Sharp One stamp set, stamped a whole bunch of cactus and succulents and watercolour them while watching some TV :)

I've stamped all the images on a thin piece of paper first so that I use it as a mask when I want to stamp another image. This will allow me to do an overlapping of stamping without have the stamp lines interfering. 

I've decided to use the images as some kind of border around the die-cut sentiment. I have not done this look in a while and I quite like it and want to use it with other stamp set. 

Sharp One Stamp Set
Thanks Twice

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