Saturday, January 6, 2018

[VIDEO] Zig Coloring Tutorial

Hi everybody :-)

Today I have a different Video for you. Not only showing you how I make a card, this time I try to give you a little tutorial for coloring with zigs.

Since I have my Zigs, wich I love, I used them very quick&easy. Becaus I like that fast watercolor-look.
But in christmas-time I colored a lot of deers and took some time for doing it not so fast a suusal, so I got a much more better result. And this I want so share with you :-)

Here you can watch my Video in ENGLISH. And, as always, please forgive me my very bad grammar. In this Video I talk sooo much, that there is much more bad english than in the other videos ;-) so: sorry!

 And here is the Video in GERMAN

If you have struggles with Zigs, belive me, maybe you only have the wrong paper. So don't give up. Just try different paper and than you will love the Zigs :-)

Did you know? Shiping worldwide is only 3,70 Euro... ;-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful technique. This is the most helpful coloring video I've found. Love it!