Saturday, January 27, 2018

Accenting with Acrylic Inks - In Bloom

Hi Marika here! I got a new card for you, today's card (and video) is all about friends and flowers. I'm longing for the spring and summer so I thought flowers, pink/reds and greens would convey that.

The idea behind today's card came out of wanting to use a new tool, my blending brush. But in the end it became all about adding accents to stamps with acrylic ink. I just couldn't stop myself I was having so much fun.

To see how I put the card together you can watch the video below.

A little tip is that you don't really need acrylic ink, if you have a white gel pen you can get a similar result, white paint works great too!

Flowers: In Bloom
Sentiment: Friends like you


  1. Its a beautiful card ! I used acrylic paint before I got a white gel pen :)

  2. Very pretty card. Thanks for showing all the detail.