Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hallo - How Are You?

Hey you! It's Sunday and that means I have a brand new card for you today. I'm using a bunch of brand new products! I hope you have been shopping for the new stuff :) I'm here to share a little inspiration of what you can do with them. 

I wanted to use those new Postage Edge circles and I've started out but cutting five pieces and covered them completely with gold embossing powder. You could colour them however you please but I thought the metallic gold would give it an "industrial" feel. 

I wanted to put a rainbow "hallo" but I didn't like how it looked. I ended up with cutting another "hallo" and stuck it on the rainbow piece but I've off-set it a little bit so that you could still see the rainbow beneath it. 

To bring in more colours, I've added a number of the enamel stickers to the card :) 

Nur mal hallo sagen - Stamp Set

Ranger Gold Embossing Powder
Prima Marketing Watercolour

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