Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I do in a Creative Slump: My Go-To Card Technique

Hi Crafters,
Justine here again with another video tutorial - this time a bit different. Have you ever had a creative slump or a time where you just didn't have any ideas for cardmaking. Well I am going through that now and I wanted to share with you my "go-to card technique" for when I am just not feeling very crafty. 

I wanted to share my quick, easy technique for stunning cards every time without having to be super creative. Over on my blog, I shared my favourite stencils, stamps and ink combination for this technique so be sure to come visit and say hi!

In my video, I show you how to do my go-to card and talk about my recent creative low-point.

What I do when I do not have any ideas:
  • Check Pinterest for ideas
  • Look at photos for colour ideas
  • Facebook groups that share cards
  • Organize my stash and clean my area - sometimes going through what you have will inspire you to create something

Full supply list on my blog. Supplies available from the Create a Smile Store:

There are some clearance stamps available over at Create a Smile so snap them up before they are gone!

See you next month!!!


  1. Hi Justine. This IS a lovely card, I wish I had more stencils but I really don't have any for card making.
    I follow a LOT of companies and bloggers so I pin a lot of great cards and techniques that I can't possibly do every day. So when I am in a creative slump but want (or need) to make a card, I just go to my Pinterest boards and look for one of the fabulous ideas I've pinned!

  2. I think your card is lovely! When I am in a slump, I visit various cardmakers sites or go to PINTEREST for ideas. I also GOOGLE handmade cards for whatever kind of card that I want to make. OHHHHH.... I also page through my magazines that I subscribe to.

  3. There is beauty in the simplicity of your card. Thanks for sharing. I have two idea books that I revisit when I am in a slump, but when I feel I have to make a card and the ideas aren't flowing, my back up plan is a simple flower on top of a textured background with a sentiment.

  4. Great card. When I get into a slump, I usually sit and look through several blogs and try to get inspiration. Your video is very inspirational and love the colors you used as well as the card design.