Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Must Be Love

Hello Crafters! 

It's Kelly here and I'm sharing a Spring inspired card born out of love. love of what you ask?

Love of coffee!!

As I type this it's 6:30am and a terrible snowstorm outside. I need coffee to survive this type of cruel and unusual punishment for sure. 

I knew I was going to be confessing my undying love for coffee with this card. I wanted something that had more of a Spring feel because, quite frankly, that's my light at the end of the tunnel. After sorting through my stamps I saw the cute pattern strips in Poppin' Over and thought it would make a cute plaid. 

I chose a few spring colors and started by stamping the polka dot stripe horizontally on my card base. I didn't make any markers or measure I just eyeballed it. It's fine with me that it's not perfect :) I stamped the bright pink in full strength and second generation for some variation. After I was done stamping my card I turned it to the side and stamp the came colors in the same order again creating a plaid. I stamped my sentiment right on top of it with black ink. 

I stamped my coffee mug on a separate piece of paper but i wanted it to be a little bit bigger than it was designed originally. This is super easy to do. When ink up my stamp I just use a baby wipe to wipe off the bottom of the cup. After it's stamped I use a ruler and a Copic safe black pen to draw in a new bottom and connect the sides. Easy peasy grande coffee :) I colored my coffee with Copic markers and fussy cut it out. I adhered it directly to my card base, covering up a portion of the "Love" sentiment. I then used my MISTI to stamp the "Love" a second time directly over the first stamping. If you don't have a MISTI you can just look through the stamp to line it up but I've never been very good at that. To finish it off I stamped the heart bubble coming from the coffee cup because I like to think my coffee loves me too! :) 

If the size of a stamp isn't working try seeing what parts you can "remove" and then recreate with a pen or second stamping. 

Thanks so much for visiting! 

This Must Be Love

Poppin Over

Coffee First


  1. This is so fabulous, Kelly! I just adore those stripes! Your tribute to the almighty beverage is beautiful, lol!

  2. Beautiful card. I like the way you did your plaid and I'm glad coffee loves you to. TFS

  3. I love the background! It's colorful, like me! LOL I am not a coffee lover but my mom is and so are both of my sisters so they would love this card. This reminds me that you don't just have to send a card for a birthday or holiday, you can send one anytime. I should do that!

  4. Sure looks straight to me. I will try casing this with a tea cup, more my cup of tea!

  5. Love this, Kelly. A light and airy one for you. Stay safe in the snow.

  6. I really like the plaid and the whole card is super cute.