Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watercolored Love

Hello Crafters!

It seems like lately watercolor is everywhere and I couldn't help but join in.

I really wanted to create a fun watercolor background but I couldn't leave my copics alone :) 

I absolutely love the fun hearts in this set but I wanted to use them a little differently. I stamped with a super light gray ink and then watercolored over top with some pretty colors taking a wet paintbrush to dry paper. After it was dry I went in my with Copic markers and added some shading to the hearts. Speaking of shading I couldn't stop myself from adding a slight shadow to the hearts along with a white outline for the large script love. 

I tried several ways to add the second part of my sentiment that didn't work. Finally, I just went with what I know and stamped it directly on the background. Sometimes it's better not to overthink it :) 

I also did a video for you all! 

If something isn't working for your card don't give up on it completely. Keep at it. Everything is salvageable! 

This Must Be Love 
Color Your Heart Out 


  1. So cool seeing Copic coloring over watercolors! Love how it turned out, Kelly! ♥

  2. Your card's background has so much depth...good rut you are in :o). Love your video as well as your beautiful card.