Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flying Penguin with move-stamping

Hi everyone, Birka here :-)

Today I'm using a stamps-set wich is an older one.  I really don't know why I did'nt fell in love from the first sight, but now I loove these penguins. They are so pretty, funny, and easy to color :-)
And I think these are stamps for kids and adults :-)

The Idea behind? Serious? I'm too frightened to mix up more than two colors, I don't know why! But what the hell? No matter, so I just do a lot of pretty monochrome cards, ha!

Um zu sehen, wie genau ich das gemacht habe, guckt euch einfach das Video in Deutsch an

To see how I made this card, watch my video in Englisch

If you want to do this move-stamping but you don't have any grey inkpad, you can use a black one. First stamp it once on a scrappaper, and then the second stamping on your card.

In the Shop you'll find a lot of Stamp-Sets, with  a lower price, for example this "Penguin Party"-Set....


  1. My nephew would love this card so much! He is a penguin freak. We used to watch the Penguins of Madagascar on Disney Channel together. I love them too! This would be great for him because it's a male or female thing. I never know what kind of card to make him because he's a guy and this year he turned 18. I made him a card already and I am wishing I had this so I could have made him this one and not the one I did.