Saturday, October 5, 2019

I cought something...

Hello hello :-)

Normaly when I'm on this Blog, I'm showing you a new Video... but I was ill at home the last 2 weeks and the most of the time I was sleeping... so sorry, but I have no Video for you today. But I tried to make a card for you :-)

I wanted to use these supercute bacterias. But I don't wanted to use them in this Bottle. So for letting them stand alone there were not enough of them, I wanted more :-)

I wanted to masked them. I started with the one in the middle and on the side, than I put the mask on, and I stamped in the spance between.

The Problem with masking things like that is, that it becomes too regular, and looks like a pattern.
The one thing you can do against it, is not masking next to next. Start in the middle and on the side, so you will have some in the front and some in the back. That makes it more natural. And at the end the top Bacteria always looked the same. So I masked it again an stamped in the middle on top, but turned the stamp a little bit. So it becomes nice unregular :-)

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  1. These bacteria are very nice... and the card is so beautifully coloured. Great design!