Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stack Those Die-Cuts!

Hey everyone! I'm sure many of us have those stackable dies. It might be of a square shaped, or circle, or a banner one like the one in my card. But I rarely use them all at the same time, so I thought why not try and do that now? :D 

The idea behind this card is just to share with you that those stackable dies can be your main focus of the card.

Of course, I started the card with some die-cutting first. I started with the biggest & second biggest die. You can start in any order your prefer. I used some coloured paper I got from the bookstore. You can use, patterned paper or you can even create your own colours. 

When you position the dies like in the image above, you'll get 2 die-cuts; one - a border (shown below) and the other is a solid cut of the banner. You can keep this for your next project :) 

Once I have the die-cuts, all I have to do is assemble them. They fit into each other like puzzles! Simple! :) Add a big bold sentiment like I did to complete the card.

Create A Smile - Kleine Worte  (Dies)
Create A Smile - Stacked Pierced Banners (Dies)
Create A Smile - Stickers (Enamel Dots)
Create A Smile - ein riesiges Danke (stamps)

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