Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coloring these snow-friends with distress ink - VIDEO

Hi Everybody, Birka here :-)

its rainy here in Germany. So all these snow we got last week is nearly floated away. I'm sooooo sad about this. The only consolation is my fantasy and this cute stamp-set from create a smile.
So today I will do for you this card plus Video, and I hope you will like it

I wanted to create a card wich looks like snow, very soft and quiet, and the vellum should be a kind of freezing around this card

Watch the video in english

oder aber in Deutsch

If you have problems to glue the Vellum and you have no invisible Glue? So work on a panel and wrap the vellum around this paper, so you can glue it on the backside :-)

Did you've seen it? Did you??? There is a guest-designer-call!! You have to participate! You will bite your ass if you miss this chance :-) (or have to wait for the next call ;-) )


  1. LOVE your video. Your card is how you changed out the background as well as how you created the snow on the vellum and tore out the vellum...great card design.

  2. Hi Birka, I enjoyed your video and your card is adorable. (Had to subscribe to your YT channel to see more. TFS!

  3. cool idea for the velum the card...... thank you