Sunday, January 31, 2016

Experimenting With Colours!

Hi everyone! What is your process of card designing? For me, I have various items that I wanted to try and I just proceed from there. It could be a new product, a new technique, new layout. Today, I wanted to try out a new colour scheme. Colours are so important in this crafting community but sometimes, I tend to overlook colour combination that might not be as obvious or as common.

So, today, I'm experimenting with a couple of colours that I don't usually use together. Hope you'll like it!

If you notice, the die-cut is also cutting through the frame. So this means that, I had die-cut the frame separately first, stuck it on the purple paper and then, took the word die and put it through the machine. This will cut through the purple paper and the frame :) 

I've never used purple and yellow together. I thought it would be nice to have a bright colour peeking out of the die-cut and the corners. You can also substitute the yellow with some glitter paper or even patterned paper! 

This is a simple card with simple construction but my challenge for you is to grab some colours that you might be uncomfortable with and try to start with something simple like this card. 

Create A Smile - Magical Frame Die
Create A Smile - Geburtstag Triple Dies
Create A Smile - Mini Geburtstag Stamps

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  1. I like those colors together and yellow is my favorite color. It's colors I never thought to put together but I'm going to try with my card making and jewelry making. I'm saving this to my crafts folder so I can look back at the color and get the right ones. Thanks!

  2. Sweet those bright and vivid colors.