Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time to Snuggle

Hello Crafters!

Is it getting cold where you are yet? We've only had a smidge on snow so far but the temps have been consistently in the 30's for the past few weeks. This weather is only acceptable until after Christmas and then I'm over it :) Today's card was inspired by the cooler temperatures I've got going on here.

I love to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a good book when it's chilly. This adorable little guy looks like he'd be a pretty good snuggle partner right? 

Video time :) It's a pretty sweet and simple one. 

Apparently, If you put Wink of Stella on a card you should read the color before applying it. Who knew? Don't be afraid to mix your holiday sets with more traditional sets. It can turn out some pretty cute cards. 

Our stencils have been restocked. You don't want to miss these goodies! Also it's the beginning of the month which means a new chance to win by linking up your Create A Smile project in the sidebar. 

Thanks for visiting!

Coffee First

Poppin Over

Winter Fun 


  1. Knew this was your creation even before I read it Kelly - love our vibrant colours and this is a fabulous card - not that we need to snuggle with a hot drink here :-), summer has finally 'arrived' today...

  2. Just want to say I'm a big fan, your voice is great, and I love to watch you color..thanks for sharing, even your goofs, even though your goofs are still beautiful...:) Happy holidays to you and yours!
    ~ Melisa Lodes from Fortuna, California, Inky B

  3. HOw adorable is this cad and I loved the coloring !

  4. Fabulous card...I love your coffee mug!