Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cookie-Bag-Tags :-) .......delicous

Hi everyone,
maybe you missed my sunday-video? And also on the next sunday there will be no video. But today you have my compensation for this :-) 

The last week I had off and used my free time to bake some christmas-cookies. Maybee you already have seen all my cookies on instagram.
My mom is my big idol. Every year she does a thousands (nearly) of christmas-cookies and give them away for friends, teachers of her water-gym, post-men/women, families and nearly everybody she is meeting in christmas-time. I thinks she does 26 varieties. And during the years I followed her example and now everybody is waiting for my cookie-bags... but I only do 8 varieties.. hihi

And now I thought, all these cookie-bags are a good cause for my new create-a-smile-video :-)

Watch the Video in english

This Video is in German

Try something new... I always colored my snowmen in light-blue. But why not trying doing it violet? Beige? soft-cold-green?

Some of the Stamps-Sets are going to be out of stock with NO restocking. So if you think about buying maybe "floating chevrons" or "smiling snowflakes" you need to do it NOW. And also these stamps are a little bit cheaper now ;-)


  1. Hi Birka,
    deine Videokommentare sind so witzig :D ich freue mich schon aufs nächste Video.
    Deine Idee ist übrigens toll. Ich werde sie mir für nächstes Jahr mopsen und hoffe, dass ich mich dran erinner.
    Die Stempel hab ich schon und liebe sie :D
    Alles Gute
    Linda :)