Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Scrap Scenes with Terhi - Slow Down

Merry Christmas all! It's Terhi here sharing a layout which has nothing to do with Christmas. I think it's quite welcome already, eating chocolate and singing Christmas songs for couple of days might be enough, so it's well earned scrapping time now!

Some time ago I found myself too busy. I actually didn't notice it first, but I kept forgetting everything and all the time and that's always a serious business for a lady like me, I never forget things. So I decided to slow down a bit, relax my everyday life and breath.
Finding "slow down" text from Winter Fun stamp was a lucky coincidence and I didn't have to think twice what the title would be.
I picked up some dark scraps, and as I was feeling quite blue because of all the rushing, this black color scheme was perfect.

Please find the video below or watch it here.

Stamps: Winter Fun
Stencil: Boxes Stencil
Other: Sequins - Pretty Pink Posh Onyx 6mm

Saturday Scrap Scenes (and I) are having a little winter break - to slow down a bit - so we'll see you again February 6th 2016!
Have a happy Holidays and inspiring New year's Eve!

If you miss me too much, you can always scroll my posted scrapbook pages here.

Terhi xx

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