Saturday, June 1, 2019

((VIDEO)) Watercolor Backgrounds&Loose Watercoloring

Hi everybody,

I got asked on instagram and youtube from time to time, how I do my Watercolor-Backgrounds. And its really no magic. That is why I though I make a Video for you.

And I show you on four cards with my go-to-techniques....

Watercoloring is really easy. You can't do "wrong" so maybe you just give it a try :-)

Here you can watch my Video in "english" ;-)

Here you can watch my Video in Deutsch (much better)

Did you know that christine, the owner of create a smile, does have a second Instagram-Channel called "@smilesspotting"?  There she shows her awesome lettering-skills with a kind of urban street-art :-) 


  1. I loved those loose watercolored backgrounds and cards too :) Thanks for the video.

  2. Lovely cards. I just get video unavailable when I click the links x