Monday, January 9, 2017

Stamped Gift Boxes with Terhi Koskinen

Hello everyone!

Terhi here today continuing my experiments as a papercrafter, more than a scrapbooker. Today I decided to make giving and sharing even more beautiful, by altering these little gift boxes with gorgeous stamps. Take a look!

Pinterest, as all internet, is a great place to get inspired. There are millions of tutorials of how to fold a gift box, and as folding isn't my personal passion, we'll skip that part and I'm using ready made ones. But, to alter them, I chose the happiest and pretties stamps and sentiments!
The idea is partly inspired by Christmas, but the idea goes to any gift wrapping, just choose stamps to coordinate with your occasion.

As long as you are in stamping mood, take some coordinating paper and cut some gift tags in the same time. It makes your gift even more perfect and pretty. 
I went even one step further by decorating some of my gift with a flair buttons that can be purchased from Create A Smile store. The receiver will get a nice and pretty gift, and a memory too. The flair button can be used later as a fridge magnet or any other little decoration.

Tutorial is available here (link):


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Have a happy week!

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