Sunday, January 15, 2017

Making Background by Die-Cutting

Today, I've brought out my watercolour set again but I've managed to refrain from going rainbow. This was inspired by the dies. I wanted to use them but I was stuck at how. I've used many stamps to create backgrounds before so I thought, today, I'll use the dies to make my background with the help of simple watercolour effect. 

Start off by randomly colouring the entire card base with various shades of green like in the photo below. 

At first I painted it with plenty of water but when it dries, it was too light. I painted another layer with lesser water so that the colour would stand out more. But some water is good as the two shades would blend into each other. 

Take another card panel and just die-cut. It's really simple but i think it's quite effective effect :)

Pocket Tag Set - Cool Cuts
Birthday - Cool Cuts

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