Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Inside out

Hi everybody, Birka here :-) I have no card today. What??? Ok, I have some nice "insides" for you :-) Because sometimes the inner values count ;-)

Sometimes only a card is not enough. Of course, the one whose getting the card will be very happy. And then, the one is yet ready with rejoicing, he opens the card and BÄM!!! Happy again  :-)

Schaut euch das Video auf Deutsch an ...

... or watch the Video in English :-)

Please think about the shape of your Inside-Critter. If you take a equal-one like this Ballon, it works very well. But if you take a asymmetrically shape like my monster with this balloons, you have to live with the problem, that you see the ugly backsides, what you DO NOT want ;-)

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