Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Creating Envelopes as Beautiful as Your Cards!

Hi Crafters,
Justine here again sharing three different ways to decorate your envelopes in a video tutorial. Personally, I generally used to throw my beautiful cards into envelopes, scratch away the address and then send it on its way. But then I thought, why are my envelopes not as pretty as my letters?

How much more fun would it be to receive a card like this instead of a plain envelope! It doesn't take long and the results are so fun!

Colourful envelopes do the work for you! But how about adding some embossing to your envie to make it even more personal!

For the full supply list, visit my blog!

Don't forget to slip some scrap paper in the envelope just in case your markers bleed through!

Don't forget to check out the November release over at the Create a Smile store!

See you next month!

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