Monday, March 9, 2015

Video: Introducing the March 2015 Release

Hello peeps,

it's Countdown-week!

The usual Countdown-posts start in a few hours, but I wanted to share a video with a close-up on the new sets.

Here's a card I made using all three sets:

Take a closer look at the sets (to fall in love, hehe):

Let us know what you think - and don't forget to leave a comment about what kind of video series you'd like to see :)

Check back later for the girls' inspirations!


  1. Tolle Sachen hast Du wieder entworfen, Christine! Ich finde die Chevron Stempel ganz toll. Die kleinen Monster sind auch wieder witzig!

  2. Oh Christine, wieder ganz tolle Stempel, die Monster sind so witzig. Und die deutschen Sprüche sind auch mal was anderes. Wunderbar, ich bin begeistert!
    Liebe Grüße Jessica

  3. These are AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on your new release! :-D
    About your videos and what I would like to see: you are vary talented, so any video with any technique is very appreciated. :-D

  4. And forgot to say: your card is AMAZING!!!! :-D

  5. YAY!! Another awesome release is coming!!!

  6. Love love this set I am waiting for the other also can I ask why the sentiments aren't done in English as well as German? I really liked your German set also but unfortunately I don't know anyone that speaks it. As for what I would like to see on your videos. Absolutely anything.... You r so talented it would be my pleasure to watch anything you share. Thank you for such great creative art to play with Kind Regards. Roxy

    1. Roxy, all the sentiments included in the sets are English, so I wanted to offer sentiments for our German friends as well :)

  7. I can see using the eye stamp and some alphabet letters and stamping the sentiment: "I've got my eye on you!". Would be great for a kid. Love this set and the background too. Love how you made a shaker card using the background. TFS