Sunday, March 1, 2015

Quick & Easy Washi Tape Card Set

Hey all! How is everyone? Welcome to March! And you know what that means? You have to stay tune to this blog more new stuff coming this month. But right now, I'm showing you my project for today.

Today, I've made a set of 3 cards. Only using Create A Smile Washi Tapes & Sentiment Stamp set. The rest of the things I needed was my choice of cardbase (kraft cardstock), versamark ink & embossing powder, acrylic block for stamping. Very basic!

Card sets are a great gift or even just to keep for your on stash. The ones I give away as gifts are customised to the type of person. Some like them cute, some like them pretty simple and straight forward. 

Today, I'm sharing with you an idea for quick and easy set using washi tape for those who may not have the time to colour so many cards at once but still wants to make it colourful.

They are really easy and you can create ANY kind of patterns you like. For my set, what I did was .. 

Step 1 : Cutting my papers as my top layer (not the cardbase). 

Step 2 : With the help of my cutting mat, I start to stick my washi tape in various patterns. I did some stripes and some overlapping stripes to make diamond-shaped spaces. The cutting mat helps to keep my design straight. 

Step 3 : I used a rectangle die to cut out a window.

Step 4 : I chose my choice of sentiment and embossed it on the cardbase where the window of the top layer will be.

Step 5 : I adhered the top layer with dimensional adhesives and I'm done :D 

Create A Smile Washi Tapes Trio

If you're not comfortable to put down the tape right away, you can draw your designs / lines with your pencil lightly first and just tape over it. 

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