Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tools, tools, tools

Hi, Anni here, wishing you a fantastic saturday with lots of time to craft!

Today I want to talk about tools!  But first the projects I have for you today! I made some envelopes for my family!

I have a lot of tools - a few that I use regular and a few that I don't use at all! And so I thought maybe this is a subject that you would be intrested in. And maybe you don't make the same mistakes as I did!

I start with the tools I highly recommend. I use them nearly everytime I craft:

  • Die cutting machine: I think that is the tool I use the most. It is quite expensive but it's worth every penny I paid. I use it for die cutting and for embossing. 
  • Heat gun: This tool is essential for heat ambossing. But I use it to dry things faster, too! Of course you can usea toaster or a oven to heat emboss but in my opinion you get the best results with a heat gun.
  • Stamp press: I don't know how I stamped straight senitments before I got the stamp press! It is so amazing and makes a crafter's life so much easier!
  • Corner Chomper: That is a very important tool as well. It may not seem to make such a difference if your corners are rounded or not but it does. For me it is an important design element to finish of the card.

And here are the tools I would not buy again. Don't get me wrong I don't say they are useless but they didn't do it for me.
  • Digital die cutting machine: I have one and I wanted to have it so bad! But I don't use it at all. For me using a computer during crafting just doesn't work (it is the same problem with digital stamps by the way). For me the computer always means work and not free time. You can do fabulous and amazing things with digital die cutting machines - you just have to visit Christines blog to see some great examples. But it is not a thing for me.
  • Score Pal: I use my Score Pal - for folding my cards. I don't think you need to spend money on a Score Pal for folding your cards. It's the same with the Score Pal as with the digital die cutting maching - you can do fabulous things with it - I just don't do! Most of the time I make cards. When I make a gift box or something like that I use one of my dies because that is easier and faster.
  • Envelope Punch Board: Ooh, what a hype that was when the Emvelope Punch Board was released! I had to buy it and I used it a lot - in the beginning! Now it is in the drawer and it stays in the drawer! But for today I challenges myself to use it again!

I haven't seen my family for quite a while and during this time there were a lot of birthdays. In a few days we will all meet and I needed some gifts. We make a short trip together so all the gifts will be coupons that will be redeemed during this trip. And for the coupons I made some envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board.
The two above are for my mother and my sister and these two for my nephews!

  • Stamp, color and fuzzy cut all the images you need.
  • Choose matching patterend paper and make the envelopes.
  • Choose matching alpha stickers and assemble the envelopes.

So what tools do you have that you don't use? Which tools would you never buy again? Let me know I am very curious!



  1. Gorgeous cards!
    i am in with you about tools which looked must haves..but now are collecting dust..just like you the envelope punch board....the scorpal i only use to make folds in cards..never make boxes with it...but do use it every time I make a card.....

  2. Beautiful envelopes :-D
    I don´t have a lot of tools. Most important for me are scissors, because I use them most. :-D
    When I graduated, I wanted engraving/drilling machine, so my father bought me one, and also a lot of great extensions for it. Multipurpose machine and can do a lot, engrave, drill through wood, plastic, metal, glass, I can polish with it... A lot of options! It is a really great tool! This is the tool I don´t use a lot, and never engrave with it (and that is the main purpose of this tool), but I was never sorry I wanted it and would NEVER give it away. :-D

  3. I'm with you on the die cutting machine! I have used it but it takes so long to build your project that my last project nearly had me ripping my hair out but uploading your own images and cutting iron on for 27 hoodies is a task in its self but the time it took was really making me think...hmmm do I really want to do that I remember the time it would take for cards or invites or just simple tags on a jar took longer than my patience is cut out for. Great post! I know that I have plenty more unused "tools" but I honestly have more unused supplies than tools but who know one day I may get around to using them! Crafters credo, you throw something that hasn't been touched in years, then two weeks later you need it!