Saturday, February 1, 2020

Stamped Frame-Cards [VIDEO]

Hi everybody :-)

Today I have one Video with two cards for you. And I surprised myself by finding the space-card much better, although I first wanted to stop after the sweets-card... so, I'm happy I went on, so I can show you two cards today, and I hope you like them

I loove masking, and so I thought to create cards with kind of frames is a nice way to join me some masking-fun :-)

Here you can watch the video in english

Hier ist das Video in Deutsch

Did you know that Christine, the company owner, does little crafty videos from time to time? You can find them on Instagram, in the IGTV-feed :-) they are lovely


  1. Wow, stunning cards and great video. Your English is very good! I have enjoyed it.
    xxx Margreet

  2. Danke Birka. Mit einem Video ist das so schön erklärt. Leider habe ich keine copics, aber vielleicht klappt das auch mit der Aquarelltechnik.