Saturday, August 3, 2019

(VIDEO) Flipbook-Cards

Hello everybody!
Today I want so share with you some flipbook-cards. I made one one years ago and thought, it could be a nice idea for a video. And I show you 3 different ways of doing the book, and three "stories" I created.

Interactive cards are always a huge fun, creating them, but also getting them. And why don't send out a flipbook instead of a card? :-)

Here you can watch the Video in english

... und hier in Deutsch

Maybe you can keep your eyes open for some blank little books in your paperstores, wich you can use for flipbooks, instead of doing the book on your own.

And: did you know? The german word for Flipbook is "Daumenkino", wich means "Thumb-Cinema" ;-)

Fine Ferns

Dicke Freunde (german)

Underwater love

Poppin over

When you create with our stamps, we love to see your projects and don't want to miss them. So remember the Hashtag #createasmilestamps on instagram :-)

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