Friday, December 21, 2018

watercolor pine tree

Hi there, Nicole here.

I have a fun step-by-step watercolor project for you!

I was looking for ideas for backgrounds and stumbled upon watercolor pine trees. I had no idea how to make them, so I went to Pinterest and looked for "watercolor pine tree" pictures that could help me get an idea of the process. There were many inspiring photos and so I just grabbed my supplies and went for it ;-)

As you see, the look of the tree is quite messy but that's what I was going for :-)

  • pick or mix a green color you like
  • mix some of this color with water to get a very light shade and scribble a loose pine tree shape on your watercolor paper. Let it dry or dry it with your heat tool.
  • mix the same color with a bit less water so that you get a slightly darker shade. Scribble over the light tree and let it dry. 
  • Now start focusing on darker and lighter areas. Just paint, where you want some shadow. Repeat the mixing, scribbling and drying process one or two more times, so that you get a total of four layers. 
  • for the last layer, use your color in the darkest shade. Now, try to paint some loose branches making small curved stokes with a smaller brush.
  • let your project dry
  • stamp, color and fussy cut your image and glue it to your panel
  • stamp your greeting and finish up the card with some cute accents like sequins or enamel dots. I decided not to use any bling and just went for some watercolor splatters.

You can make a whole card with these trees. Just start with very light ones in the back and work your way to the front by adding darker colors and more layers to the pine trees.

By adding white paint splatters, you create the look of falling snow. This gives the scene an even more wintery look.

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There are some fun challenges going on on the blog and on our Facebook group! đŸ˜€ We would love to see what you create!

Have a happy and colorful christmas and all the best for a crafty new year!
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