Saturday, July 7, 2018

[VIDEO] Vinyl-Records in 3 Ways

Hello.. is it meee you loooking for? ;-)

Who else loves music? Sings all the time? No matter where ore when? Or is there even a karaoke-fan like me? hihihi...

So, now you know why I LOVE this stampset from Create a smile. Because its music :-)

I wanted to try out all the ways I can imagine to use this record-stamp... embossing, stamping. Ok, there a not sooo many ways.. but I put 3 of them for you together in one video.

Here you can watch the video in english

Here is the Video in Deutsch

Sometimes, when you have not enough time or mojo for coloring, just blend in with distress ink, as I did it for my Venylrecord-Player-"Arm" ;-)

Did you already went to the shop for the new release? Please hop THIS WAY :-)

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