Saturday, June 2, 2018

VIDEO Magical Slider-Card

Hello hello :-)

Did you know that I can do magic? And what does every real little girlie wish more than anything else? Right, an unicorn ;-)

You know what? I can conjure up one ;-)

When you have a magical Stmapset with superpowers, than you NEED to create a magical card ;-)

Here you can watch the Video in english

Und hier ist das Video in Deutsch

I think there are a lot of different ways to do slider-cards. Just do it by your own way. You only need to think about the hole card from start to finish. Maybe a little scribble or dummy can help you.

There is a HUGE super-sale in the Shop HERE! 50 % off for a lot of last sets :-)


  1. We do say Tadaa in US when performing magic. Your card is so cute and I enjoyed listening to you.