Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Stamp Set Alert!

Hiiii!! Woohoo! New stamp set alert! Well, actually, a bunch of new stuff alert! Have you visited the store yet? If not, head down there to get the front seat of what's been released. As for this week, I'll be sharing this fun and colourful card using the First Day of School stamp set.

I don't know anyone heading for their first day of school but I wanted to show you that you can take a set like this and use it for something else. I've done a one-layer card for this one. With all these pens, pencils and paintbrushes, I really enjoyed stamping them on top of each other without actually adding bulk. 

To create my own sentiment, I've brought out the alphabet stamp set  to create the word Congrats. That's the beauty of alphabet stamp set isn't it? 

I hope you like this card and give these stamps a try!

Lettering Alphas stencil
First Day of School stamp set

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