Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Video: Monster-Sweets for you

Hi everybody,

Birka here. Today I wanted show you something different than cards... Monster-Sweets :-)

Everybody likes to recieve a pretty card. But what is better than cards? Yes, Sweets :-)

This is a good possibility, to use frame-dies, you use very seldom. Try different sizes, shapes, everything is working on these bags.  

Watch my video in english

Hier ist das Video in Deutsch

Are you also sad, that there was no release in June? BUT I can tell you, the July-Release is HUGE and AWESOME! So make sure that you follow create a smile on Facebook and Instagram, especialy in the friends-and-family-Facebook-Group, so you woun't miss anything :-)

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, have a sweet day, bye bye,


  1. Wow! Super cute! Great treat for patties!

  2. I just love your video-style and those treat-bags are awesome! Sad that SU don't sell those little small treat-bags anymore.