Saturday, August 16, 2014

You color my world!

Hey stampers, Anni here!
I just came back from vacation, I had a fabulous time!
When I am going on a trip I always have a small emergency crafting kit with me. Just for the case that I am in the mood... or for a rainy afternoon/evening... or if it gets boring (kidding - that never happens to me). When I told that Christine, she laughed at me - can you believe it? Shocking, I know! :)
And with the few items I had with me I created today's card! You see - it was necessary to take the crafting kit with me!

I made the background paper by myself (insert proud smile)! Christine sent me this beautiful paper in all colors of the rainbow! I cut narrow stripes and glued them to a scrap paper! I stamped the cute chamaeleon from the even cuter set Jungle Fever on my background (in the place where now the panel is) and fuzzy cut him. I love the effect that the stripes of the background seems to continue on the chamaeleon!

So what about you? Do you take you crafting supplies with you on vacation? Everything? Or just a few things? Or nothing? And even more interesting: Which things to you take with you? I think that is always a very difficult decision! Tell me! And please let Christine know that I am not the only crazy crafter out there!


  1. I really love your card Anni it's great especially the fact that the stripes from the chamaleon continue in the background. And about taking supplies with me on vacation i never do that because my family doesn't allow me and as a matter of fact I think I probably couldn't decide what to take with me. It would be a perfect challenge though to create something with only a little bit of supplies.

  2. Anni, you rocked 'my' chamaeleon!!! Love this card.

  3. This set cracks me up! I love all the cards I've seen using this set and especially this latest one from you! So cute!

  4. Anni, das nenn ich mal ein flexibles Chamäleon! Besser getarnt als in natura :-)
    Super Karte! Danke für's Teilen
    Liebe Grüße, Wiebke

  5. So cute! I love the paper pieced chameleon--such a fun idea!

  6. I love all the glorious paper piecing!