Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jungle Fever-SQUAWK!

Hello Smiley friends!

I'm here with a simple but fun card today that was inspired by a conversation I had with Christine.

We were discussing favourite colours (and colour combinations), and I said how difficult I find orange, to be to work with. It never seems to come out right, always seems too masculine (even when I'm making a feminine project), and I never know what to pair it with.

Christine mentioned her love of orange with aqua, so I thought I'd give that a go!

I used the bird from the newest release Jungle Fever.

I love using these Create a Smile images in simple ways, with fun backgrounds--and even more so, I love pairing them with punny or funny sentiments. They work beautifully with thickers (and I don't have plenty of those! *cough*)

I thought it would be cute to have the bird saying hi in his own language :)

Thanks to Christine for the colour combination idea--I think you're right. Orange DOES work with aqua! I'll be using this pair together again soon!

Hope I'll see you again soon!

have a crafty, smiley day!

Linda x


  1. Looove it! That is one of my favorite color combo, too! And you ROCKED it! And the thickers - so cool!

  2. Aaaw, the parrot is so cute. I find orange difficult, too. I kind of like orange but its hard to get a nice combination. But you really blew my mind with the aqua thickers!
    So thank you - Jessa

  3. This is really awesome love orange and it goes well with aqua.

  4. Christine was right... the orange and aqua are sensational and I love the little bird, what fun to color!