Saturday, August 23, 2014

Give Mr. Squirrel a stage!!

Hey there, Anni here!

Today I want to talk about Mr. Squirrel! Mr. Squirrel is quite small, in fact a lot of the cute creature from Create a Smile are smallish. What I really love because I like CAS cards and small creature leave a lot of space for "white" space if you know what I mean!

But what can we do to make them stand out?
I have three tipps for you that work for me!


1. Give Mr. Squirrel a stage
Use a tag, banner, circle or something like that that works as a frame. This way he won't get lost on the card.

2. Make Mr. Squirrel stand out
As you can see on my card I colored Mr. Squirrel in a bright color. For the rest of the card I used muted colors or bright colors in a very small amount. Ok, that is easier for us in Europe because squirrels have a reddish brown overhere! The squirrels that I saw in New York were grey! So maybe you could make it the other way around: Color Mr. Squirrel in grey and keep the rest of the card in bright colors - that would make him stand out, too!

3. Don't clutter your card
Ok what a great advice for Clean and Simple designers  ;) ! But with a small image you can't add too much embellishment or other details. Mr. Squirrel would get lost! We don't want that!!!

Do you have other tipps to work with small images! Please tell us! I am eager to learn!