Sunday, August 3, 2014

A New Design Team Member - and a preview on the new sets!

Hi there, happy sunday!

There's a LOT going on at the moment over here, right?
I think you read that Tanja left the team because she has lot do at the moment. We're sorry she left, but we're also happy to announce that there's a NEW Design Team Member:

Anja was/is a regular player at Keep It Simple Challenge  and this is how I first "met" her - I was impressed by her clean and simple cards and she always left nice comments for everyone.  When I started with Create A Smile Anja was thrilled (I got the felling she was nearly as thrilled as I am, hehe!) and she was also our first customer. We love the same soccer-team (Hup, Holland, hup!) and got to know each other a bit more via facebook.

I am so happy she accepted our invitation to join the team and she will be bringing gorgeous projects and inspiration to you!

Now it's time for you to get to know Anja a little bit:

Name, Age, Location:
Anja Curvers, 52 ( sttt, that old!!!), Belfeld, Netherlands

Hi, Anja. I'm so glad you're here! Take a seat, get comfy. May I offer you something? Coffee or cookies?
Hi everyone, I am so happy to be here and please just coffee. No milk, no sugar!!!

Okay, you know why you’re here: People want to know everything about you. Let’s start with something simple: You’re a paper crafter. When did you start and how did it happen?
It all started in 2003 after visiting a craft fair here in the Netherlands. I made my first scrapbook and couldn’t stop. After a while I got into cardmaking and bought my first stamps then I was hooked.

What kind of projects are your favorite? And why?
Nowadays definitely cards!!!! For their size and a perfect gift for everybody. Love making layouts so now and then but cards always win.

Is there one technique that you use more often than others?
I love die cutting and dry embossing. But I am always in search for new techniques. Watercoloring and coloring for instance.

If you look at other people’s projects: What amazes you and what makes you frown?
I am often amazed by the ideas other people have. Why didn’t I think of that? I prefer the CAS look and cards with lots of stuff aren’t my favorite.

You’ve been paper crafting for quite a while. Is there a lesson you learned that you’d like to share with our readers?
Just go with the flow and have fun. There are really no rules it’s your creation and only yours, either you were inspired by others or just did your own thing. And stop being so harsh on yourself, it is a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun.

Let’s get to something personal. You live in Belfeld. what’s your favorite spot there and why do you think people should visit this place?
I live in a small village in the south of the Netherlands. I think many will find it boring but I love it. It’s near two bigger towns and it’s quiet. We can easily walk into the forest. Germany is nearby.

What is a characteristic that describes you the best?
Well, I always find these questions hard to answer. I think I am sometimes a little chaotic but on the other hand I am very patient. My family comes first always and I find it hard to say NO. Love a good laugh and try to make others laugh too.

What else should people know about you?
I am so very honored and excited to be part of the Create A Smile team.
I have so many supplies I could easily run my own store. I sometimes buy things I already possess but had forgotten about. I would love to have a tidy room to craft but it’s always a war zone.

Thanks for the interview Anja, I’m so glad and honored you joined out little team!

Anja also created a card to share today, and I am AMAZED by her creativity. Honestly, look what she did! 

She used the umbrella and hammock from comfy to create a paraglider! That is genius! (I am sometimes suprise myself how versatile those sets are, hehe!)
I also love the patterned paper that she added and that goes so well with her coloring! Swooon!

Give Anja the warm welcome she deserves! :)

And now for a surprise!
Many of you know that our new stamps will be release on Friday. I prepared a video to show them to you TODAY. Hope you like them and get excited about the new release! :)

Hope you enjoyed our sunday-post!
Enjoy the rest of the day!



  1. I am thrilled to be a part of this great time and the opportunity to play with the stamps. And like Christine mentioned those stamps are really very versatile.

  2. Yay Anja! LOVE your style!
    awesome video!

  3. I love your card I can't wait to see more. Congratulations on making the team

  4. Congrats Anja!! That's awesome!! Can't wait to see your future creations!!
    Christine,deine neuen Sets sind GENIAL!! So schön und deine Karten sind der Hammer!! Ich weiss schon,was ich am Freitag mach!! ;)